The future of work is
already here

Our story begins more than 3 years ago when two unlikely cyberpunks needed a competitive edge.

As ex-technology consultants, we've continually been searching for top-tier developers and designers to help accelerate our business. We also wanted to work with local professionals who we could build strong relationships with and who shared our vision.

The problem was, none of the options for finding such talent existed. Freelance platforms lack quality or locality and development and design shops lacked affordability.

So we ended up turning to the only other professoinals we knew, colleagues we used to work with in corporate. We politely asked if they were willing to moonlight to help us build our business...and they agreed.

We quickly found that there were professionals all over Sydney, working for top companies who wanted to moonlight too...this is how we discovered our designer. Giggable was born.

Since tapping into elite moonlighters worked soo beautifully for us, we are on a mission to bring this new access to talent to a world being eaten by software.

Ricky Marcon & Lee Jiang

Giggable Co-founders

Legend has it Lee is still trying to smile to this day.

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